JCO killed in road accident in Rajouri

Jammu, Feb 28: An Indian army officer, Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) was killed in a road accident in Rajouri district. today. Naib Subedar Inderjeet Singh who was on his way to Siri from his 13 Rifles unit in Nowshera area of Rajouri was hit by an army's water tanker, police said. He died on the spot and the body was later handed over to his family after postmortem, they said.

تکونی مذاکرات کسی بھی طور مسئلے کے حل میں معاون یا مدد گار ثابت نہیں ہو سکتے--- ظفر اکبر بٹ

 کے این ایس کے ساتھ ظفر اکبر بٹ کی اپنی رہائش گاہ پر خصوصی بات چیت :۔
 مسئلہ کشمیر مذاکرات کے ذریعے حل کرنا ہندوستان اور پاکستان کی مجبوری قرار دیتے ہوئے حریت کے سینئر لیڈر اور سالویشن مومنٹ کے چیرمین ظفر اکبر بٹ نے واضح کردیا کہ مار دھاڑ اور گرفتاریاںانہیں تحریک آزادی کی آواز کو آگے لیجانے سے نہیں روک سکتیں۔

Kashmiri students in India protest against Guru’s hanging

New Delhi, February 13 : The Kashmiri students studying in various Indian colleges and universities of Delhi, Hyderabad, Aligarh, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Kozhikode and Kolkata staged protest against hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru and demanded Azaadi (freedom) from Indian bondage. Hundreds of students from Jammu and Kashmir while offering

deep concern over the continue pro long detention of kashmiri political activists

 Sriangar, Oct 4: Hurriat leader and chairman Salvation Movement Zaffar Akber Bhat express deep concern over the continue pro long detention of kashmiri political activists, youths and party workers. He said that health conditions of many detenues including Masrat Alam. Asiya Andrabi..Hilal Beig .Sarjan Barkati..M Ayoub Dar are not good and they need special treatment according to Jail Mannual. He said given sacrifices rendered by people of kashmir will not go waste.