Human Rights

A tale of brutal massacres of Kashmir

Srinagar, April 11: A small patch of land dotted with few graves on the bank of river Jhelum fails to catch any attention of the passers by. This small graveyard, usually surrounded by Indian armed forces deployed in the area, however holds another tale of brutal massacres of Kashmir in which Indian troops had killed five innocent Kashmiris are still alive in the minds of the people, despite the passage of over 17 years.

’99 custodial death, finish probe in 3 weeks’

Srinagar, April 21: The High Court has directed the authorities to complete within three weeks its investigation into a case involving the custodial killing of a civilian, Muhammad Sultan Bhat of Ganderbal by the Rashtriya Rifles in 1999.

The court also directed the respondents to implement recommendations of the Human Rights Commission made earlier in the case.

انسانی حقو ق کی خلاف ورزیوں کی مذمت، فوجی انخلاء، کالے قوانین منسوخ اور غیر قانونی طورپر نظر بند حریت رہنماﺅں کورہا کےا جاے

حریت رہنما و چیئرمین جموں کشمیر سالویشن موومنٹ ظفر اکبر بٹ نے کہا ہے کہ کشمیر عوام اور حریت قیادت کو ملکر دہلی عدالت کی طرف سے دو کشمیریوں کیخلاف سزائے موت کے جانبدارانہ فیصلے کےخلاف بھرپوراحتجاج کرنا ہوگا تاکہ آنے والی نسل کو محفوظ بنایا جائے۔لاجپت نگر دھماکہ ہو یا کوئی اور واقعہ ہو ہر جگہ کشمیریوں کو بلاوجہ فرضی کیسوں میں پھسایا جارہاہے اورکشمیریوں کو پھانسی کی سزا سنانے میں جمہوریت کے دعوےدار بھارتی حکمران فخر محسوس کر رہے ہیں۔

Family seeks help of world hr organizations

Srinagar, May 02: The family of an innocent Kashmiri, Fayaz Ahmad Kumhar, a resident of Khanpora Baramulla who has been re-arrested under the draconian law, Public Safety Act by the police, has appealed the international human rights organizations to help in his release.

Marry again! 91% Kashmir conflict widows choose not to marry

Srinagar, May 17: Ninety one percent of women in Kashmir, who were widowed as a result of Kashmir conflict, have chosen not to marry again to support their children, while only eight per cent of estimated 10000 widows have remarried or have shown intent to marry.

3 missing youth killed in Machil Kupwara fake encounter

Srinagar, May 28:  In Nadihal Rafiabad thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the killing of three missing youth by troops in a fake encounter last month April 30 in Machil area of Kupwara. Massive protests broke out in Nadihal village of Rafaibad today on second day when thousands of people from the village and adjoining areas took to roads said that three missing youth from the village have been killed in a fake encounter by Indian army in Machil Sector of Kupwara district.

Mother of victim still craves for justice in Srinagar

Srinagar, June 04: The family of a deceased, Nissar Ahmad Mir of Barzalls Srinagar, who was killed in a teargas shell fired by Indian policemen in a same day last year a year ago, yet to get justice. The mother of the deceased youth in a media interview said that on June 1 last year, Nissar was hit by a tear smoke shell fired by Indian police at his head at old Barzulla and he had died on the same day in Soura Institute of Medical Sciences but the doctors kept him on ventilator for few days and declared him dead on June 4, 2009. 

Flashback: 11 June 1991, When CRPF killed 28 civilians at Chotta Bazaar

On 11 June 1991, nearly a dozen CRPF men came out charging from their camp situated near the Government Medical College Karan Nagar here. Blood in their eyes, they began firing indiscriminately at shopkeepers, passersby not even sparing women and children.  By the time their guns ceased to boom in the adjacent Chota Bazar locality, dozens of innocent civilians had been killed in what remains one of the bloodiest massacres in Kashmir’s 20-year-old turmoil — the Chotta Bazar massacre.

India: Avoid excessive use of force, investigate killings in Kashmir valley-AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

PUBLIC STATEMENT-2 July 2010AI Index: ASA 20/017/2010Authorities in India should avoid excessive use of force while dealing with demonstrators in the Kashmir valley, Amnesty International said today.

'End detention of Jammu and Kashmir lawyers' Amnesty

London, July 22: The Jammu and Kashmir state government must immediately end the preventive detention of the leaders of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association, Amnesty International said Wednesday. Mian Abdul Qayoom, the President of the Bar Association and Ghulam Nabi Shaheen, its General Secretary, have been arbitrarily detained under the J&K Public Safety Act (PSA) since 7 July and 18 July 2010 respectively.