Zaffer Bhat concerned over prisoners’ plight, Salvation Movement Chairman demand's release of detainees, condemns arrest spree across southKashmir

Srinager 28 Dec /The Jammu and Kashmir salvation Movement (JKSM)  Chairman Zaffer Akber Bhat on Friday  said that the information received from jails regarding the plight of detainees is deeply disturbing and a matter of serious  concern for the Resistance  leadership and the people of Kashmir, Zaffer in a statement issued to press, said that the "  treatment meted out to Kashmiri detainees and political prisoners  lodged particularly in Jammu  jails right from the time they enter these jails is deliberately inhuman, He said that it is aimed not so much at physically torturing them but to break their will and determination and affect them psychologically.

Salvation Movement Chairman  said that these detainees are not criminals but political prisoners, He said it is their moral and legal duty,  He said  that Kashmiri political prisoners including Hilal Beigh and hundreds of other prisoners including children  should be released forthwith. He  said there is no justification for the authorities to lodge them behind the bar's.Meanwhile Zaffer Bhat strongly condemns the arrest spree  of youth's in South Kashmir, He said such arbitrary arrests will not break their will & resolve ,and demand's release of  All arrest youth's.