Zafar Akbar Bhar arrested: Salvation Movement

Srinagar, June 28, 2017: A heavy contingent of police station Saddar today morning arrested senior Pro-Freedom leader and Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement chairman, Zafar Akbar Bhat from his residence in Srinagar. Party spokesman while condemning the police action, termed the detention of party chairman unjustified and an illegal act.  


He said that police raided the residence of party chairman in the morning and arrested & shifted him to unknown destination.” Denouncing the fresh arrest spree, spokesman said that Zafar Akbar was released   a day before after prolonged house detention.   He added that PDP led administration after getting into power corridores is following the RSS agenda and its rhetoric abbot ‘Battle of ideas” is virtually proving ‘’battle against ideas “and let loose reign of terror through its forces. 


Spokesman said that the detention of Pro-freedom leaders is sheer violation of fundamental rights, guaranteed by UN charter and added that “putting restrictions on social, political and religious activities of pro-freedom leaders is a blot on so-called Indian democracy,” he added.