What is Jammu And Kashmir Dispute

For centuries the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been a Muslim majority state, which because of the downfall of Muslim Ummah was lost to them and grabbed by the Sikh, the English and eventually by the Dogra Hindus. Against this illegal occupation, Muslims always raised the banner of the Holy War and played infantry role with the Muslims of the Sub-continent in the Pakistan Movement.
According to the well-known principles of the division of the subcontinent, the state should have been the part of Pakistan. But because of the conspiracy and collusion of the British and Hindu over lordship, through the ruler of the state, Maharaja Harri Singh, circumstances were facilitated for its becoming part of India. As such army was sent there. Against this aggression, the Kashmiris raised their arms and liberated one third of the state from Indian occupation.
The ‘Mujahideen’ were forging ahead India herself took the case to the Security Council. On her request the Security Council panel ceases fire resolution and provides an opportunity to the Kashmiris for deciding their future through a free referendum. In there circumstances freeing the paradise from the clutches of the enemy and smashing there comprise, joining this Movement at all levels, participation of Pakistan is most eventual. Religious forever Pakistan as a side to it, and according to Charter of the UN, all demand full-blood assistance to Kashmir at all levels.
Since 1948 in particular the Kashmir Problem and Jammu and Kashmir for centuries have concertedly high lighted the problem, But since those movements were confuted to monasteries, they could not bear fruit, hence the Kashmiri leaders raise a voice, it was not even ant’s movement on the ears. But Allah has created limits for every act and his punishment is here for everybody who transcends limits.
This is why the Kashmiri victims of cruelty and deprived rights have been emboldened. His strength revealed itself in 1998-99 in the form of guns that generated military sprit. The self – respecting youth of the state. Lifting guns on their shoulders and putting coffins on that heads confronted tyrannical readers. It is crystal clear the young create revolution in the nations. The Indians had forgotten which Subash Chander Bose had said to the nation for strengthening freedom from the English, “I will not only encourage the freedom fighters, but sacrificed their every thing stepping side by side.
That was the time when in every rook and corner of Kashmir, green flags fluttered shouting slogans of God's sublimity, what do we want Independence. Our relation with Pakistan - "There is no good but Allah "Kashmir is bounded to become Pakistan Kashmir is the jugular vein in Pakistan. The sky reaching slogans of Independence were echoed everywhere. On the other side the rattling bullets destroyed the sleep of the rulers. The half of rulers were darkened what happened was their deaf ears till yesterday were burst open.
They leaned towards the Kashmir as if there was some problem. Whenever talk of justice is done with a tyrant, he resorts to war murder and destruction. The result was in discriminate killing. The protagonists of humanity, Muslims coming from different countries were also callously killed but the exemplary sacrifices of Kashmiri youths took the case of their country from the cold storage and dazzled it at international level. It made it crystal clear before the world that the Kashmiris freedom fight is a local just fight. The entire world is straining on India to give the right of deciding their fate to Kashmiris and to solve their festering problem. The Government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, everybody did his duty by siding with just come of the Kashmiris. The Government of Pakistan helped us on political and diplomatic levels. Sacrifices are made for recognition.
The Quaid called Kashmir “The jugular vein of Pakistan “and the Dr Iqbal Iran miniature “now it is nothing more than slaughter. However, we have given imminence sacrifices, are giving end will keep giving. We will not budge an inch from our stand on Kashmir. We are ready to sacrifices our lost blood of life for Kashmir although supper powers like the U.S.A. and Britain are also trying to solve this problem but after 9/11, highly dangerous change has taken place in the world. American bombardment in Afghanistan and destruction Iraq, moreover, killing of Muslims by the Pakistan Army in exchange of the debased dollars. The border wiring by Indian and the like one eye opener for Kashmiris. The Kashmiris are bent upon sacrificing their every thing with a smile, saying.“ We have sacrificed our lives, It was his gift, The reality is we failed to do our duty.
Amongst the same multi- dimensionally perfection of the soil was above shaheed Abdul Majid Dar the said, immortal ‘for full one-year consulted everybody around regarding the state of affairs. He reached the conclusion: ceasefire should be announced in Kashmir” Its responsibility was also imposed on him, along with a few others. It was 2000 A.D. When Abdul Majid Dar the then commander in chief of Hizbul Mujahideen made this announcement. This was a time when the “Mujahideen Kashmir “had created a quick amongst the Indian Army. The Indian Army felt unsafe even in their barracks, so much so that Indian ruler felt themselves unsafe in the Red Fort and Parliament. Recognizing this fact India also responded positively to the ceasefire.
The second reason was that up to one lakh people had already been martyred. If the some sacrifices had solved the problem there was hardly any need of another one million sacrifices. For this very reason Syed Salah-ud-Din, the Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen also seconded the ceasefire.
The said gentleman is also the patron of the war commercial. Hence this fact was established that the Mujahideen could also negotiate for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir problem for this very reason the Mujahideen were internationally applauded. Perhaps for this very act the Mujahideen were saved from the worth of America. That is, it was not illegible other movement. Americans even pressurized India to solve the Kashmir dispute. The third fact of the ceasefire was a blending, since the never had a spleenful life since 1988 to 2004. In those very special days did they get repose? They deserved that perhaps Allah over looked our sins because of the sacrifice of the martyrs. Awaited ceasefire was imposed and the precariously placed haggard and Woe-bequest Kashmiris were re-plunged in destruction war. There was a live when people came from Delhi and felt honoured to talk to Kashmiris.
Then tables were turned Kashmiri leaders went to Delhi to leg for peace, but were never heard. Thus 50 years of sustained sacrifices were washed away. Slowly, but inevitably “ Tanzeem- Hizbul Mujahideen“ was broken up into pieces by greedy and selfish mockery of leaders. Every so-called leader was grinding their own axe. In such circumstances how can anybody forget the sacrifices of Abdul Majid Dar. The said martyr has become immortal. But such a multi factor genius was also martyred. Besides ceasefire he was also worried about the imprisoned Mujahideen each one of whom was an impregnable fort against the enemy. Although he did not get opportunity of sowing those released ‘Mujahideen’ but he has left many such trained and resourceful leaders who furthered the martyrs mission most capably. In the war of liberty, victors, martyrs or the imprisoned are considered part of the game. Whereas thousands of Mujahideen were martyred in the ‘Liberation War’ some 20,000 were also imprisoned. Because of sustained physical and mental torture they lost their physical equilibrium. Even then they did not lost heart and pledged to continue their sustained efforts for the noble cause. It was because of their exemplary sacrifices that the Kashmiris dispute got international recognition. The Indian Army kept dogging after their heels. They eventually became personas non-grate “The antagonists accused them of war mongering.
Then came Zaffar Akbar Bhat who had also been Divisional Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen and was himself a freed soldier. Then he organized and galvanized Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement, which has already been braced by some 10,000 freedom fighters.
Now liberated soldiers are dubbed as “politically blind,” In actuality because of their own incompetence they do not want anybody to come forward. What we do want is this, people ought to assist the Movement through writing or in any other way they can. Assist those who have sacrificed every thing for their motherland.
People fear lest Jammu and Kashmir solution movement 90 in the direction of the ‘Hurriyat Conference’ and be splintered. We will have to converge all our energy and resources for liberation and both Pakistan and India will have to response positively. We are integral part of the division of India. Without solving the problem their can be no peace in South Asia.
We welcome the journalist guests who planted their feet for the first time on the blood-saturated Kashmir soil and saw the operand and depressed Kashmiris with their own eyes. They would place before everybody, particularly the international bodies, and our pitiable condition. We are grateful to the Government of Pakistan, which projected our case before the world as well as those Pakistanis whose offered their lives for us and for our cause. We are optimistic that every will remain with us till we achieve our goal independence for the yoke.