RAW-sponsored suicidal blasts

Pak observer
Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R)

During last few days numbers of foreign sponsored terrorists have been pprehended by intelligence agencies and police in the campaign against militancy. On 26 June, 2009 two terrorists including a female have fled away once Faisalabad police raided on a house located in Madina Town. The culprits left behind huge quantity of weapons and ammunitions. The government has already pointed out time to time that recovered arms and ammunitions in going drive are of US origin. Since last 24 hours according to a press release of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), four soldiers and a civilian embraced shahadat and 16 soldiers got injured in Swat, Muzaffrabad and North Waziristan Agency.

In Muzaffarabad, a suicide bomber exploded himself as the guard of Army Public tried to stop him entering into the school. In sabotage activity a military convoy was targeted by an IED followed by fire in North Waziristan Agency at Miranshah, resultantly three personnel including two FC soldiers and a civilian contractor embraced shahadat and 11 soldiers were injured. The security forces have killed Shah Doran deputy to Taliban Chief of Swat Fazlullah. On June 22, 2009 Director General ISPR, Major General Athar Abbass stated that Security forces are in the final phase of eliminating terrorist hideouts and camps in Swat. He further added that so far 1,592 terrorists had been killed in the operation while 60 to 70 others had been arrested, who were being interrogated. It is also mentionable here that Afghans and Uzbeks terrorists have been arrested too. The forces are continuously clasping with the success in elimination of militancy from FATA and Swat. The security forces consolidated their positions around Swat areas of Kabbal and Rangeela. Security forces cleared area around Khazana, Tangar, Bartana, Libat and villages Baidera and Gamkot. During clearance operation, two terrorists were apprehended and three IEDs were neutralized. Jabbar Kalle is in fully control of he forces. Our forces are not only busy in elimination of militancy but are also simultaneously carrying out the restoration and relief activities. Recently, repairing and filling work has been completed around Mingora city by Army Engineers. Repair work to restore 76 damaged water pumps is in progress in Mingora city. Complete Pakistan Army has donated one day ration and pay to the IDPs. The efforts of search and sweep operation in the effected areas are progressing well which is a direct threat to the Indian nefarious design. New Delhi and her co-partner Israel are not happy on the progress. Pakistan government has ordered her forces to eradicate terrorism from Waziristan too. On June 25, 2009 Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and Commander 11 corps Lt General Masood Aslam visited the troops in Waziristan. Both the generals have appreciated the high moral of soldiers and their determination of throwing the militants out of the country. At this occasion, he stated that Pakistan Army is executing a deliberate campaign plan to achieve the desired end to reestablish writ of the state. At this stage Pakistan would be looking towards NATO and US forces for some positive responses / assistance in the shape of stopping terrorists from border crossing, forcing India for closing of her consulates and training camps located all along the Pak Afghan border, provision of technical and material support. President Zardari in his talks with Gen Jones also asked US to provide drone technology to Pakistan to shore up its indigenous counter terrorism operational capacity. Though, US President Obama’s has tried to display soft corner for the Muslim world during his recent visit of Arab countries. In my opinion, effective Jewish lobby present in America would never let Obama to implement his thoughts.

Thus, Washington will never provide drone technology to Pakistan in the near future. US is more tilted towards New Delhi since she considers India a major player of the grand game. Therefore US will never annoyance her co- partners Israel and India for coming closer to Muslim world particularly Pakistan. Here, I would like to add that supporting India at the cost of Pakistan is likely to bring real defeat to America in War against terrorism.In Pakistan, there is a strong perception that India is being backed by Washington in spreading terrorism in the neighbouring countries. The official circles and masses are viewing the great game with concern. The series of bomb blasts and suicidal missions in the recent past against security forces, schools, govt buildings, hotels, mosques and innocent people have direct connections to masters sitting in India. It is a common practice that terrorists cross the Indian and Afghan borders, enter in Pakistan and carryout sabotage activates.

Moreover, in this regard NATO and US actions in the current scenario are not being well received as they facilitate terrorists crossing the Afghan border. Though US is using drone attacks against the locals militants but still Baitullaha Mehsood allegedly involved in the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has not been taken on task at number of occasions. On June 24, 2009 US Drones prowled the sky over Pakistan’s South Waziristan and about 70 militants were killed but Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has fled away just an hour prior to the drone attack. There are number of incidents when Baitullah has not deliberately been targeted by the US. Thus, Taliban leader Baitullah seem to be a foreign sponsored militant operating in his country. The question arises why Indian authority is so much interested time and again in targeting Pakistan. The main reasons could be that they never like to see flourishing and progressing neighbours. So the current attack in school in Azad Jammu & Kashmir at Muzaffrabad and recent blasts in rest of the country have been sponsored by India through RAW. Thus, Pakistan govt should keep her eyes and ears open to meet the potent threat. At the same time I request my so called intellectual louts to put themselves right rather than using electronic and print media for disintegration of country.

Politicians and religious leaders like Imran khan, Qazi Sahib, Dr. Munnawar Hussain and Maulana Fazlul Rehman to stop backing Taliban as the whole nation is facing their brutality and barbarism. The leading TV channels like GEO and DUNYA should make contributions regarding the elimination of terrorism instead of providing forums to the public hated personalities like Prof Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy and Najam Sethi for projecting their anti Pakistan views. The concerned authorities should take notice of Prof Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy who is criticizing national institutions and policies being a govt employee.

The nation is united now and all out for elimination of foreign sponsored militancy and our security forces will definitely defeat the international conspiracy against Pakistan. At the end I salute to all those heroes and people who laid their lives and become internally displaced during Pakistan Survival War.