meaningful result oriented dialogue for Kashmir resolution

 Srinagar, 01st  March. JKSM while welcoming decesion of PAK Govt , to release the IAF pilot as a good will guesture said Chairman salvation movement Zaffar Akber Bhat. All prisoners of both countries should be released including political prisoners of Kashmir and send them to  their homes on humantarian grounds “he added”Avoid Jangoizm,Media blame Bombing,killing  forces and people across the loc ,boarder and inside kashmir is only destruction not development of both sides people are not in favour of war only Veeto powers are enjoying it because both of you are becoming weapon purchasing industry for them.It is 21st   centuary and ripe time for  high technology and fast  development for  the both Indo Pak to come forward and lead the centre Asia at econamic and development  level , said Chairman Salvation Movement Zaffar Akber Bhat in a statement.

Zaffar appeal both the country Heads and other Institutions of Country to avoid Jangoism  and start meanigful result oriented  dialouge and resolve all issues including long pending Kashmir issue ,which is only way to progress in development and in economic field .