Srinagar 08 June  The Jammu and Kashmir salvation movement (JKSM ) observed Jumatul Vida,last Friday of Ramadan  as Al -Quds and Kashmir day. On The call of party chairman Zaffar Akber Bhat salvation movement leader's passed resolution 

for end to military occupation in Palestine and Kashmir  in Dozens of  mosques  across Jammu and Kashmir.

while Calling upon people to show complete resolve and commitment towards the ongoing resistance movement, senior pro-freedom leader and chairman Jammu & kashmir salvation movement  (JKSM ) Zaffar Akber Bhat in a special message  today said,  while we observing Jumatul Vida, as Al -Quds and Kashmir  salvation movement leader's passed resolutions for end to military occupation in Palestine and Kashmir ,

we appeals world rights bodies and international community who has been turned deaf dumb and observing criminal silence on Palestine and Kashmir dispute, 

to break criminal silence on genocides, brutality & atrocities on Palestinian and continue bloodshed in Kashmir, He said 

“Kashmiri have been offering huge sacrifices for their political rights for more than seven  decades.

“The sacrifices and struggle of people  can be taken to logical end by showing uniformity of resolve and commitment,”. He

said  “The martyrs’ sacrifices are priceless assets of Kashmir’s freedom struggle. 

,The Jammu and Kashmir  salvation movement  on the eve of Jumatul Vida observing youmi quds and youmi kashmir 

on Friday  held  protest demonstrations  at different places  here against the

Zionist force’s military aggression, continue bloodshed in Kashmir and 

"inhuman treatment" of detainees and demanded their immediate release on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, The protesters 

demands result-oriented dialogue over Jammu and Kashmir to pave the way for peace in the South Asian region. ", from the beginning this has been the stand of the Hurriyat leadership that Kashmir is a political and human issue, which cannot be resolved through the military might.

Protesters said "

.“The ruler class has turned the State into a virtual jail where people irrespective of their age are put behind bars. The prisoners are treated in a very inhuman manner. Those arrested while struggling for  their 

Basic rights and should not be treated as criminals. Even they are not provided any medical facility,” protesters  said. release orders were issued for many arrested youth's “but Authorities’  openly violated the court orders by re-arresting them and even booked them under PSA.”“The detainees in several jails of the State and outside of Jammu and Kashmir  are facing immense hardship especially  in Tihar and Rajasthan jails jails  ”  said. spokesman strongly  condemned the Stopping of party chairman Zaffar Akber Bhat from attending Iftar party organized by Pakistan High Commissioner at Delhi Embassy , 

Spokesman said ,“This is nothing but the frustration of the so-called government.”and the move is highly deplorable .