By Tuba Naqash
Human rights violations are found so common in present times. We go out carrying a fear in our heart n mind about will we reach home safely without meeting anything wrong? Its because everywhere in Kashmir after every step we find troopers, the men in uniform. No place is free of their presence. Kashmir is highly militarized. And the most worrying thing that every mind is carrying presently is what they will do with us next.

We have no guarantee of our lives, guarantee about what’s going to come to us next, guarantee about will we get to see our loved one again after he/she is out. Tortures, sexual assaults, killings are found so common presently. Troopers go for anything at anytime and there seems to be none to question them about their doings. Everyone is involved in this absurd process. A single case receives no justice and goes on moving from one place to the other. Time goes on passing but no one takes the sinners out, no one pulls the curtain that hides the truth. Some people do it for money, some people out of fear and some people to save their near ones. People cry and sigh but no signs of justice are found. Parents don’t want to send their children out, they are not even heartedly willing to send them out for studies as they carry the fear about maybe their children are the next victims and maybe they won’t return back. Since 1989 more than 10, 000 people are witnessed to have been disappeared. Till now more than 1 lac of people have been killed which include people of every age group. Thousands of females have been sexually assaulted and then killed by these heartless troopers. Military troopers use to knock doors not only in dark but in day light too and take the members out and carry them along, no traces of those persons are  found anywhere and if the family members raise voices and struggle against these acts, they are tortured by the troopers and sometimes killed too. Troopers have been witnessed entering homes and taking out all the males and then raping the womens, scattering their lives. So many cases have been registered but none of them got justice. Troopers enter homes and kill as many persons they want infront of their family members and sometimes they don’t even leave a single person alive to mourn over the deaths, deserting the house by leaving none. On gunpoint they make a person go mad, feel helpless and bound. At the present times families of the victims can be witnessed struggling and crying for justice. Families of the disappeared ones don’t even know whether their sons are alive or dead? Whether they are going to get to see them again? Whether they are going to shower love on them? They go on seeking justice, processions and slogans are carried out but what they receive is only disappointment. A girl before going out presently thinks twice. A fear strikes her mind about will she return safely or she is the next victim? Females are kidnapped, raped and then murdered and when it comes to justice no one drags the sinners out as everyone from the government is involved.  One is helping the other in hiding the sins and the sinners. People cry and beg infront of the authorities but no justice comes through. So many cases of recent rapes, murders and disappearances have been filed but what we receive is false reports and information. Eyes and mouths of witnesses are shut by money or by force. People are longing for justice but only injustice comes through. None is secure, insecurity in increasing like a fire among people. Military troopers are making wrong use of their rights and powers. They are killing humankind slowly, making their existence sprinkle. Neelofer a married women and Asiya a school going young girl both from the same family were raped and killed by the troopers and till now their family members are crying for justice but what they got is only disappointment. This case completed a year on 19 may 2010 and still there are no signs of justice and the sinners are still  moving freely, living the most luxurious lives moving freely without any restriction. Troopers are the reasons of the tears of those innocent people who are crying for receiving justice. None can bring back the people who have been killed, none can bring back the joys and smiles of their family members but demilitarization can be the step to prevent the increasing insecurity among people in Kashmir. Kashmir must be demilitarized for the improvement of life of the people. Laws must pull the curtains from the sins of the authorities and take the sinners out and punish them infront of the people. Sinners must receive such horrible punishment that next time before even thinking about committing any crime a person must find himself going on hysterics, criminals must not be supported, and only then the increasing crime will come to halt. Presently four persons from Nadihal have been killed in a fake encounter and what will happen next is simple, a case will be registered and that will move from one authority to the other, families will go on struggling and as before the case will be witnessed somewhere on some shelf carrying dust and no justice will be received to it similarly as what happened to the shopian rape and murder case and will go on completing years.  Huh!. Can’t we stand against it?  Can’t we unite and contribute in making an end to it? Can’t we create efforts to make it come to halt? Can’t we take out a single hour from our busy schedule contributing in helping the affected to receive justice and those who are the next victims? I guess we can. It not only the effected people who have to struggle for this but we being the citizens of Kashmir must take steps. Only we need is to think seriously about the situation n take steps because maybe the next victim can be our near ones or maybe particularly we. Think.
Tuba Naqash   2nd year    M.A road Womens College