India diverting attention from worsening situation in occupied Kashmir

 Islamabad, 27 FEB: ( ) President State Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that, India, to divert attention from the worsening situation in occupied Kashmir and India War threatens Pakistan.Indian Prime Minister Modi's extremist policies have set fire all over India. Modi's to suppress the ongoing protests in india is using brutal forces. India' craze for the war itself will lead to India's destruction.India has to think a thousand times before any kind of war against Pakistan. 
President Khan further said that the Indian Army could not compete with the unarmed Kashmiris, how it could fight a war with brave soldiers of Pakistan Army. If India tries any aggression against Pakistan, it will result in a disastrous defeatand the land of Azad Kashmir will be made a graveyard of Indian soldiers.
 President State of Jammu Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan expressed these views during Grand Reception in Honor of President Tehreek e Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani by Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement.
President Sardar Masood Khan said that, The passion and how Raja Fahim Kayani and his team are continuing and contributing to Tehreek-eKashmir in UK and europe is praiseworthy.
Hurriyat Leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat is also providing great services for Tehreek e Azadi on National and International levels, and has emerged as a Prominent Leader of kashmir.
Altaf Ahmed Bhat has proficiency in language, his eloquency is examplary, he tell true stories of atrocities and persecution upon besieged Kashmiris in International parliaments and councils. He said that Raja Fahim Kayani is a hard-working campaigner for the Kashmir movement worldwide, Services of Raja Fahim Kayani Raja Hanif, Mahmood Sharif and all his colleagues are praiseworthy and we salute them.
He said that India has reached peak of brutality to stop the Kashmiri Freedom Movement.
During his visit Trump repeatedly mentioned Pakistan in his address which inflicted great pain to Modi and his extremist terrorists.The whole nation to shoule prepare themselves to counter indian aggression.
 Parliamentary Leader of Jamaat e Islami Azad Kashmir and Chairman Public Accounts Committee, Abdul Rashid Tarabi, Hurriyat Leader Altaf Ahmad Bhat, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani ,President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland Hanif Raja, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Italy Mehmood Sharif, Hurriyat Leader Sheikh Abdul Mateen, and Maulana Saeed Yousuf addressed the occassion.
Chairman Public Accounts Committee Abdul Rasheed Turabi during his address said that,  Raja Fahim Kayani and his colleagues on the international front are playing vital role tp promote Kashmir Cause. They have organized successful protests, seminars, conferences In British Parliaments and different councils of United Kingdom and Europe.
The pressure on the international community has increased, he added.
The Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora are the true ambassadors of the Kashmir Freedom Movement.
Praising the efforts of President State of Jammu and Kashmir Turabi said that, Saradar Masood Khan is providing great services to Kashmir freedom movement, he has been engaing with world leaders, community, and International diaspora to raise Kashmir Issue globally.
He added that, Kashmiris struggle for freedom , and their sacrifices demand that Kashmir must be liberated from India as per the resolutions of United Nations. Without the solution to Kashmir, there can never be peace in the region. Kashmir is flashpoint, which the world has recognized and it is high time kashmir dispute is solved as per Kashmiris aspirations and UN resolutions.
Host and President of Jammu kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that, President Tehreek e Kashmir UK Raja Fahim  have a great service regarding freedom of Kashmir on which we pay tribute to him deeply. 
Tehreek e Kashmir is playing its part and kashmir Freedom movement day and night. Their contribution and hard work after August 5 , 2019 highlighted kashmir issue as a Flashpoint in the world.
Bhat further said that, kashmiris will continue their struggle till independence is achieved. Bhat called upon the international community to resolve the Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of Kashmiris.
Paksitan ahs always supported Kashmir , and will continue this support until its liberated from indian dark clouds. Freedom is destiny of Kashmiris, because of their thousands of sacrifices.
Bhat said that, Kashmiris are a brave nation,Who stand bravely against the occupying Indian Army. It is high time we should be united and struggle on national and international level for Kashmir freedom movement.
Syed Ali Gillani, Musrat Alam, Asiya Andrabi, Zafar Akbar Bhat,Yasmin Raja, Shabbir Shah, Yasin Malik all of them have been and are struggling for Kashmiri Freedom, which Inshallah will be attained, and Indian Fascist government will meet the fate of Tyrnats. 
We must be united and work together for the same cause, Fahim Kayani, Raja Najbat, Professor Nazir Shal,Lord Nazir are working for Freedom movement.
Appreciating Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that, with the efforts of Raja Fahim kayani and Tek Uk thousands of people came out in support of Kashmir after 5 august, and recently more than 50 conservative MPs joined us and raised voice against the Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 
Maulana saeed Yousuf while addressing said that, This is the perfect embellishment for freedom of movement today, we And the rest of the leadership should work united abroad , and then the freedom movement will pick more moentum than before.
Praising Altaf Ahmed Bhat's efforts Maulana saeed said that, Altaf Bhat is symbol of unity and love, he responed to love Lovingly, he honored those who worked for Kashmir nationally and internationally.
The duties of Moderator were played by Sheikh Abdul Matin, secretary of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference.
President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani thanked the president State of Jammu Kashmir, President JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat, and other senior leaders for their support and encouragement.
President Tek UK Kayani, Until now, we have not been able to highlight the movement on the global stage, the day we have deployed 4-5 hundred thousand Kashmiris in London, Milan, Glasgow for the next three days, the world will realize the Kashmir movement and its dire situation. But for this we have to unite, he said that people have to come out in Pakistan too. 
Kayani further said that, Kashmiri and Pakistanis in Uk are cominjg out, now MPs of conservatgive party also joined us against indian atrocities, we need momentum from Pakistan, and a road map to follow.
Kashmir Freedom Movement needs continuous and undying from base camp and Pakistan, we will arrange hundred thousand poeple for sit in protests, but 2-3 million people at least mobilize within Paskistan.
The Participanst included Naib Amir Jamaat Islami Raja Jehangir Khan, Hurriyat Conference Leader Pervez Ahmed Advocate, Abdul Majid Malik Senior Journalist andColumnist Aqil Ahmed Tareen, senior journalists Raja Kafil Ahmed, Ghulam Mohiuddin Dar, Rao Sharjeel Amjad, Sheikh Shabbir, Information Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Kashmir Arshad Ahmad.
Senior journalists Sardar Shaukat, Sardar Azim, Nisar Ahmed, Atif Bukhari and Raja Bashir Usmani, Arif Qureshi, Sardar Hameed, Asif Khurshid, Engineer Hamad Mir, Amjad Mir, Ahsan-ul-Haq, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Yasin, Ahtisham mir and large number of people participated.
While Chaudhry Shakeel, Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland Hanif Raja, National Youth Assembly President of Hanan Abbasi, Maulana Saeed Yousuf of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Azad Kashmir ,Engineer Mushtaq Mahmood and Mahmood Sharif also addressed.