Immigration Counter at IGI Airport impound, revokes passport of Zaffar Akber

Srinagar 04 June:  In a Joint statement of various organisations  have condemned inhuman behaviour and approach said that Denial of Hajj pilgrimage is against Basic human rights, and interference in religion.

Jammu and kashmir  Salvation Movement, Voice of Victims, Kashmir Affected Families, Salvation movement Women’s Wing ,Pellet Victims Association, Youth Wing , Al-Jabar Trust, Al Gani Welfare Trust, Human Rights Forum and People’s Rights Movement on Monday  in a joint statement said  Senior pro-freedom leader  Zaffar Akber Bhat  on 1st June   was scheduled to“take his mother for pilgrimage to Mecca”But authorities at Delhi  international Airport detained him  Despite being  of All clearance, boarding and All other formalities was done , But authorities primarily 

 raising several objections , creating hurdles,seized All travel documents  and finally immigration counter at the Indira Gandhi International Airport has

 impound, revoked passport of senior pro-freedom  leader Zaffar Akber, while strongly condemning  and denouncing this inhuman behaviour and approach, Joint statement said" it appears that there exists a well-planned conspiracy and  policy to Denial of pilgrimage or passports has been used as a suppressing tool to bring a section of people, espousing a certain ideology, into submission.

Such undemocratic denials are against basic human rights and interference in religion.  All tall claims made by the ruling regime  before coming to power about adopting the so-called policy of ‘battle of ideas’ seems hollow now.  Promises to give democratic space to different viewpoints have not been kept, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity to hear dissenting voices remains a distant dream, 

 statement said "One wonders how a Umrah  pilgrim can be a threat to the Indian  national security.  It looks ridiculous when people are prevented from proceeding on the holy journey on the basis of their association with pro-freedom camp or far their  flung relatives  of being associated with freedom movement, statement said "

By denying to visit pilgrimage or passports to pro-freedom  Kashmiris they are aggravating the situation .

  Kashmiris cannot be deprived of their basic rights , Kashmiris are human beings first and their rights need to be respected.