Help poor and needy people

Srinagar 30 May /continuing it's efforts to reach and help affected families,  poor & needy people Jammu and kashmir salvation movement  (JKSM ) organized a function  at Party Head office Srinagar,  According to statement issued to press, Jammu and kashmir salvation movement (JKSM ) continue its efforts to reach and help affected families, poor and needy section of society  organized A special  Function  at party office Srinagar, 

During his  address it's chairman Zaffar Akber Bhat " appealed to people to reach out to the needy and poor sections of society and help them.

Zaffar  said" while we remembering our Marty's and their grieving families we should help them as it's moral responsibility and duty, 

,Zaffar also"shed light on the holy month of Ramadan and it's importance, 

Zaffar on the occasion distributed  cash to the affected families during ongoing pro-freedom movement and needy & poor section of society ,

Women’s Wing secy. Rukaya Bhaji and large number of  Party Activists was  also present on the occasion, 

Meanwhile Zaffar Akbar Bhat  expresses heartfelt condolences and grief over the demise of Ghulam Mohammad  Bhat , staunch supporter of Freedom Struggle and Father-in-law of sister of Party’s Senior leader Gazi Javid Baba, 

Zaffar while expresses solidarity with bereaved family in general particularly with Gazi Javid also prayed for departed soul and family to bear this irrepable loss,