CRPF occupation of Eidgah hurts Srigufwara people

Srinagar, December 03: This year too, people of Srigufwara  in Islamabad could not offer Eid prayers at the local Eidgah owing to the continued occupation of the place by the Indian troops. The residents said that despite their strong objections, paramilitary CRPF personnel occupied the Eidgah 20 years ago forcing them to offer Eid prayers in a mosque instead.

“When the CRPF camp was set up in Eidgah, we approached the district administration and top police officials, but they did not pay any heed to our representation,” the residents said. They also accused the CRPF personal of violating the sanctity of the Eidgah by hanging liquor bottles along the wire fencing and even constructing a video hall inside the compound where they always keep on watching movies. They also said that the troopers have placed idols in one of the rooms constructed inside the Eidgah compound.
“Consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited in our religion so how can we tolerate troopers hanging empty liquor bottles on its fence,” adding “No sane person can tolerate violation of sanctity of religious places. They are hurting our religious sentiments,” a resident, Bilal Ahmad Wani said.
“From the last many years we have been approaching the district administration and top politicians with our grievance. Every time they assure us of shifting the camp, but to no avail,” they added.
Pertinently, India claimed to withdraw troops from residential buildings, institutions and orchards. However, the process cases as with Srigufwara’s Eidgah, troops continue to occupy public places, educational institutions and buildings. Source RK