State terrorism in IHK

ByPakistanobserver-editorial April 5,

AS the international community is focusing entirely on the so-called war on terror, Indian occupation forces have stepped up their operations in Jammu and Kashmir killing scores of people daily and rendering many more handicapped for life. In a similar incident, the Indian Army assassinated six people in Kishtiwar and Kupwara areas of the territory, labelling them as members of the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba.

Indian water belligerence

Professor Khurram Shahzad
It has been a venerable and established speculation among political experts that the world's future wars will be fought over water, not oil. Where the whole world is fortunately lagging a bit behind for entering into this ill-fated era of 'hydrological warfare', it clearly seems that the subcontinent has perhaps surpassed the rest of the world with Indian courtesy.

Unresolved Kashmir dispute is breeding terrorism in region

The US has all along treated Pakistan as an enemy and not an ally. Whatever gestures of friendship were fake and only meant to serve its regional interests at the cost of Pakistan. Its real strategic ally is India and not Pakistan.

Pakistan: Well-being, Regional Peace & Terrorism

Wednesday May 20, 2009 (1446 PST)

 This piece is about the regional approach to problems involving Afghanistan and Pakistan taken by the US, UK and several European countries. ‘The region’ has excluded the key player, India. And a focal and related, fully connected problem of Kashmir, which was going to be worked on, has been sidelined.

India's cold shoulder

Published: May 24, 2009 –The Nation

Indian intransigence

The Nation Edit: July 3, 2009
THERE seems no logical reason why the USA should go on mollycoddling India's prejudices against Pakistan, a key ally in its War on Terror, unless it is taking its ridiculous great-power claims seriously, or hopes thus to gain access to a market for its corporations.

RAW-sponsored suicidal blasts

Pak observer
Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R)

Violation of human rights in India

Violation of human rights in India
Lt Col Zaheerul Hassan (R)


By Tuba Naqash
Human rights violations are found so common in present times. We go out carrying a fear in our heart n mind about will we reach home safely without meeting anything wrong? Its because everywhere in Kashmir after every step we find troopers, the men in uniform. No place is free of their presence. Kashmir is highly militarized. And the most worrying thing that every mind is carrying presently is what they will do with us next.

Prospects of Pak-India dialogue

Air Cdre Khalid Iqbal (R)
Pak Observer