Tributes to Tral and Handwara Martyrs

 Srinagar Nov 21: Incarcerated  Hurriat leader and chairman Salvation movement Zaffar Akber Bhat and  JKLF(H) chairman Javed  Ahmed Mir  paid glowing tributes to Tral and Handwara Martyrs and said that   given sacrifices will lead towards freedom of Kashmir in near future.JKSM delegation including Hilal Ahmed ,Mohammad Yousf and Asif Ahmed participated in funerals of Adil Rashid Chopan and express solidarity with his family.

Rich tributeto martyrs

Srinagar. November 19: Chairman JK salvation Movement, Zafar Akbar Bhat and JKLF (H) chairman Javed Ahmad Mir in a joint statement paid their rich tributes to martyred youth in Hajin, Shaheed Mugais Mir and Ali Kadal martyrs on their 25th martyrdom anniversary. Sunday both leaders said that our youth are laying their precious lives and nourishing freedom mission with their blood .While expressing their deep concern over the continuous bloodshed in state, Zafar Akbar and Javed Mir said that it is the haughty and stubborn attitude of Indian authorities, which is pushing our youth to wall.

glowing tributes to Mugees Ahmed Mir

 Srinagar 18th Nov: Incarcerated Hurriat leader and chairman salvation movement Zaffar Akber Bhat paid glowing tributes to Mugees Ahmed Mir, Srinagar who was martyred at Zakura encounter and said that these martyrs are national assets and their sacrifices will not go waste.

Sacrifices will not go waste :KSM

 Srinagar 17th nov: Kashmir people will give its freedom struggle till end of Indian illegal occupation over Jammu and Kashmir has said JKSM leaders is their speeches  during the Party mass contact programme.

ہلال احمد بیگ کی گرفتاری کی شدید مذمت

  جموں کشمیر سالویشن مومنٹ نے پارٹی لیڈر برائے صوبہ جموں ہلال احمد بیگ کی گرفتاری کی شدید مذمت کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ پولیس نے RSSکے کرتا دھرتاﺅں کے کہنے پر اور انہیں خوش کرنے کے لئے گرفتار کرلیا۔انھوں نے نے سیاسی عناد کی بنیاد پر انہیں PSAکے تحت بند کرنے اور کوٹ بھلوال جیل منتقل کرنے کی شدید مذمت کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ اس طرح کی سیاسی انتقام گیر

JKSM condemns arrest of its senior leader

Jammu 14 Nov: Spokesman of JK Salvation Movement Jammu strongly condemned the arrest of its senior  leader of Jammu province and hurriat activist  Hilal Ahmed Beig from Srinagar and sending him Kotbulwal  Jail Jammu .

The spokesman has said that the authorities imposed black law Public Safty Act on him to pressurize other Muslim youths of Jammu region who are raising their rightous voice for freedom

Zafar, Javad's Mass contact programme

Srinagar,13th nov.Hurriat leader and chairman Salvation Movement, Zaffar Akber Bhat and chairman JKLF(H) Javid Ahmed Mir visited Soura,Nowhatta,Hawal in connection with mass contact programme , JKSM activists Sameer Ahmed, Ghulam Hassan,Javed Ahmed  were  alongwith them.

JKSM condemn slapping of PSA to its leader Hilal Ahmed Beig

pressreleaseSrinagar,14th Nov.Sr Huriyat leader andChairman Salvation  Movement Zafar Akbar Bhat on Tuesday said that autonomy or self-rule is no solution and instead a folly to sabotage and change the discourse of Kashmir dispute. Any solution that aims to change the discourse is unacceptable as people in state won’t accept any solution less than right to self-determination, he added.

JKSM reiterates to continue freedom struggle

Srinagar ,10 Nov: In continuation of mass contact programme , the leaders of  JK Salvation Movement after Friday prayers addressed gatherings and  visited many affected families at Shopian, Pulwama,Sopore,Ganderbal and  reiterated that people of Kashmir will continue its political struggle for right to self determination .

peaceful protest at Drabgam Shopian

Srinagar, 8 November, 2017:Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement leaders and activists including Farooq Ahmed, Molvi Rashid, Imtiyaz kashmiri,Moulana sajad Ahmed stage a peaceful protest at Drabgam Shopian again the Indian oppression . On the occasion salvation movement leaders and activists raise high throat slogans in favour of Islam and freedom .

Tributes to three youth

Srinagar, 7 Nov:  Hurriat leader and chairman paid glowing tributes to all three youths who were martyred in encounter with Indian troops.

Muslims of Jammu were massacred

 Press release Srinagar, November 05; Sr Hurriyat leader and chairman JK Salvation Movement on Sunday said that in 1947, Muslims of Jammu were massacred in such a brutal manner that the percentage of Muslims in that region declined from 66 to 38 percent and while blaming fanatical and sectarian force

, zaffar ,javed visited family of Syed salahudin

 Press releaseSrinagar November 4: Senior Hurriyat leader and Salvation Movement Chairman, Zafar Akbar Bhat and JKLF (H) Chairman, Javed Ahmad Mir visited to the house of Syed Salahuddin and express solidarity with them-

Zafar Bhat, Javed Mir express their solidarity with victim families

Press releaseSrinagar November 3, Senior Hurriyat leader and Salvation Movement chairman Zafar Akbar Bhat and JKLF (H) Chairman Javed Ahmad Mir on Friday during mass contact programme visited Soibugh, Wadwan, Zainakot, Gotpora in Budgam and interacted with families of Syed Salah u Din, Shaheed Riya

عوامی رابط مہم کے تحت مانچھواہ،گلپوش کالونی،کرالہ پورہ کا دورہ

سرینگر۲ نومبر،حریت لیڈر و چیرمین سالویشن مومنٹ ظفر اکبر بٹ نے آج عوامی رابط مہم کے تحت مانچھواہ،گلپوش کالونی،کرالہ پورہ کا دورہ کرتے ہوئے علاقہ کے ورثاءشہداء،محبوسین اور پیلٹ وکٹمز کے ساتھ اظہار یکجہتی و ہمدردی کرتے ہوئے انہیں یقین دلایا کہ آپکے لخت جگروں اور قوم کی قربانیاں ضایع نہیں ہوں گی ۔ انہوں نے لوگوں سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ کشمری عوام ہمیشہ نتیجہ خیز مذاکرات کے حق میں تھے اور آج بھی مسئلہ کشمیر کے تینوں فریق ھندو،پاک اور عوام کی نمائیندہ قیادت کو ایک ساتھ مل بیٹھ کر &nb